produced by gnash written by me & zoe wrenn (@wrennmusic) lyric video by @maxangles connect with gnash: Subscribe for more official content from gnash: The official YouTube channel of Atlantic Records artist gnash. Subscribe for the latest music videos, performances, and more. lyrics - [verse 1/intro] i always see the light way before the dark u always see the end way before the start i've been trying & finding that things going right aren’t as simple as everyone told me they would be i know that u miss me i’m sorry i’m busy & don’t make the time for the things u ask from me [pre-chorus] out of breath, out of time, is it ur turn? is it mine? i can’t sleep tonight i can’t sleep tonight, no is it fine, if we find, that in time this isn’t right i can’t speak tonight i can’t speak tonight, no [hook] just make me feel special and make me feel loved make me feel something lately life’s made me numb i just want to hold u for just long enough so u don’t get tired of me telling u i love u so much [verse 2] if i take care of u who’s gonna take care of me i could just say take care and leave but i love how u stare at me i stay cuz i’m scared to leave i’m not prepared to be lonely without u see that just won’t feel right i need u in my life [hook] [bridge] so don’t make me, no don’t make me go don’t make me [verse 3/outro] in a city i don’t know hit me 3 times ‘fore the show i need sleep tonight u'll be in my dreams tonight, tho. #gnash #ilusm #lyricvideo

:):gnashilusmu me usi hate u i love ulyric video